Floors 7
Apartments 10
Apartment Area 62 – 155 M2
Parking 17
Location Riga, Quite Cente
Premium residential building
Quiet location
Renaissance inspired
Signature building
Private outdoor space
EV charging stations

A journey of joie de vivre unfolds in this beautiful residential building Renaissance. The construction of this landmark building marks a new era in the expansion of Riga's urban landscape. Besides serving as a foundation for modern life, it is also a work of art. Renaissance was designed to reflect its environment, using a unique combination of materials and aesthetically pleasing and functional designs. 


Renaissance is fearless in being driven by bold ideas behind its concrete exterior. Its minimalistic elegance and harmony are its most defining characteristics. The building is characterized by raw purity of shapes, and exposed concrete conveys authenticity and solidity. Upon entering the hall, visitors are swept away by the feel of the Renaissance era. It takes every detail in the building to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.



In honour of Veseta, a river on the right bank of the Aiviekste River, the street is named Veseta Street. Historical sources dating back to the thirteenth-century reference this neighbourhood. Today's Skanste is where Riga's horses and valuable livestock grazed, and its main road connected the Old Town to the pastures. In the recent past, a hippodrome stood where the Rimi Olympic Sports Center and Arena Riga are today.


Prime location

Vesetas Street, a heart of the Renaissance inspired residential building, is located between the Quiet Centre, also called the Art Nouveau District, and Skanste, the city's central business district. Despite being situated near Class A office buildings, top-notch entertainment and recreational venues, the street is quiet and residential. In this seamless building, old and new coexist, and everything from schools to restaurants and retail places is a few steps away. 


Building project

LNK Properties has invested 5.5 million euros in this multi-apartment residential building. The Sarma Norde architectural bureau developed architecture and interior design. The new living space concept visually and functionally blends with sustainable urban design and streetscape. Today's Renaissance represents clean and harmonic architectural proportions and lines. The building's structure was designed around the architectural intent to have an exposed concrete structure and create an impression of the building's monumental character. With glass facades, natural light enters the building. The interior and exterior relate directly through reflections and visual connections. It is a testament to the modern city, blending seamlessly into the surrounding area while standing out as an iconic structure.



With mornings under warm sunlight and peaceful afternoons on the private terrace, the space at Renaissance showcases the fine quality and eye-catching luxury. The spacious, bright and voluminous apartments inspire residents to create a unique home. Ten apartments vary in size within the building, ranging from one-level to double-height space. The living area is borderless and connects residents to the street landscape. Each one of the apartments has an open-plan layout and access to the private outdoor space separated from the rest of the building, giving a sense of privacy.



Social responsibility 

Corporate social responsibility means we act responsibly and take accountability for our actions. Therefore, LNK Properties continues to invest in our people, resources, and technologies and embark on renovations, technology ventures, social projects and local development opportunities. Renaissance apartment building is designed with an eye to the future, thinking about sustainability, future generations, and respectful use of resources. The energy-efficient building provides maximum efficiency and comfort with the least possible energy consumption and resources. An electric vehicle (EV) charging facility is on-site to support sustainable practices. Also, the apartment complex encourages residents to recycle waste with a conveniently located garbage and recycling room with an air conditioning system.


Flexible approach

No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to purchase a family home or an investment property, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at Renessaince is the new sustainability. 




LNK Properties is an experienced and reputable developer with over 30 years of experience pioneering business centres, office and apartment buildings, and residential villages in Latvia.