Tūjas pie
Tūjas pie
Number of land plots 37
Area of land plots 1318 – 1713 m2
House Area 16 – 100 m2
Location Limbazi district, Vidrizi parish
Green village
Close proximity to the sea
Ready-made houses
Well-developed infrastructure
Freedom of epxression
Golden Vidzeme

The green village Tujas pie Juras is located amid the quiet northern forests and near the seashore. It is an idyllic place to connect with nature and rejuvenate your mind and body. It is the best-kept secret for all generations' peaceful and uninterrupted family life. Here, you can enjoy a slower pace of life and be part of the vibrant local community. It is truly an inspiring place to live and work.





The area of Skulte is famous for fishing. It has been the primary occupation of residents since ancient times. Its historic name, Ademinde, comes from Livonia, which means edge in Libyan, and münde, which means mouth in German. After dividing land in the former Skulte manor (Adiamünde), Skulte became a larger settlement in the 1930s. Skulte has retained this status to this day, and is a popular holiday destination in summer months. 



Prime location

Located in Vidzeme, Vidrizu parish offers the most beautiful seasons of the year. The neighbourhood is close to the capital but far enough to enjoy all the region offers. The front door of Tujas pie Juras is just a few steps away from the pine-scented quiet seashore. Besides the proximity to the beach, the neighbourhood is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. The most notable attractions include the Munchausen Museum, Dunte Manor, Skultes market and the pottery workshop Cepli. 




Building project

The ideal home is one where all generations can live peacefully without disturbing the outside world. Properties at Tujas pie Juras are located in remote areas surrounded by forests and wildlife. Land plots are spaced apart so everyone can quietly enjoy their time with nature, themselves and loved ones. Then, depending on your preference, you can purchase a property to build a house or pick a ready-made housing project with the land. On the one hand, buying a land plot gives you the freedom to construct the place of your dreams. On the other hand, there are ready-made housing projects such as a family home and a couple's home at Tujas pie Juras that have undergone a thorough quality control process. So whichever option you choose, you can get a quality house built to last a lifetime. 





Land plots of different sizes are available at Tujas pie Juras for building a private residence or a holiday house. All of them have access to utilities, including water and electricity. The properties are all surrounded by lush greenery and have stunning views of the surrounding forests. However, for those who want to enjoy life by the sea, all plots are within walking distance of the nearby beach. Furthermore, the area is well connected to the capital city and neighbouring towns.




Social responsibility 

At LNK Properties, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our culture and something we take pride in. Investments in people, resources, and technology continue, and we are pursuing social projects, technology ventures, renovations and local development opportunities. Tujas pie Juras are designed for sustainability, future generations, and resources. We have developed this neighbourhood and its infrastructure to provide the community with a better quality of life.




Flexible approach 

No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to purchase a land plot separately or with a housing project, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at Tujas pie Juras is the new sustainability. 





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