Sustainable development is an integral part of the LNK Properties mission


Sustainable development is an integral part of LNK Properties mission.

We are aware of our responsibility for the ecological, social and business environment in which we live, and we work hard to improve it. Strategic decisions of the company's management and the day-to-day work of our team are both focused on sustainable development.

Our sustainable approach is applied at all stages of the real estate project: from land selection and building design to construction and operation.

Ecological building materials, low CO2 emission technologies, well-developed green environment, class ‘A’ energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, smart building solutions, easy reach, environmentally friendly transport and micro-mobility – we design each project detail on the basis of sustainability considerations.

Our achievements in sustainability have been confirmed by LNK Properties’ project certificates and awards.

Without resting on the accomplishments, in each new project, we introduce sustainability innovations that combine the comfort of owners and tenants today with the viability of the building and the entire planet tomorrow.

We believe that the sustainability of the environment is best achieved by a sustainable society. Such a society helps the most vulnerable, supports the most diligent and provides opportunities for everyone.


Our social responsibility is not limited to providing dignified working conditions to our employees.

Improving the social environment of neighbourhoods in development projects – one of the cornerstones of LNK Properties' approach – is not of lesser importance. Modern buildings with well-designed territory and improved infrastructure not only benefit owners and tenants but create a positive example for other developers, help to revitalise neighbourhoods and create new jobs, thereby contributing to the overall benefits of society.


The total annual budget of the Fund’s contributions amounts to EUR 150 000.

Continued work for the public since 2010 has been carried out by the LNK Charitable Foundation, which helps children and adults with health problems, succours disadvantaged people and pensioners, takes care of animals and supports sports, culture and educational projects. 

We have launched the Cats’ House project for abandoned and struggling animals, where they will receive shelter and emergency veterinary assistance.

One cats’ house will provide convenient conditions for several dozen cats. The first such houses will become available soon in the backyard of the LNK Business Centre ‘Kalnciema biroji’ in Riga and in the territory of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Jelgava. The project is funded by the LNK Charitable Foundation; the cats’ house in the backyard of ‘Kalnciema biroji’ is developed in cooperation with the society ‘Cats Assistance Centre Remi’.


Impeccable work and business ethics, transparency, cooperative work for common purpose, democratic decision-making: these are the pillars of our enterprise management culture..

Openness in relation to employees, customers and partners is an irrevocable principle of LNK Properties. Not only each of our employees receives fair pay, enjoys social guarantees and opportunities for growth, but can also participate in decision-making. Our strength is the ability to learn from each other, so constructive initiatives always find an attentive ear. Our employees know the company's plans and participate in building its sustainable future.