Sustainable development is an integral part of the LNK Properties mission


Sustainability is impossible without fundamentally changing one's thinking and attitude.

This is why it is equally important for us to implement sustainable solutions in our projects for all segments of the property market — from an office or apartment complex in Riga to a low-energy ecovillage hidden in a pine forest.


Our sustainable approach encompasses all stages of project development — from plot selection and building design to construction and property management.

Sustainable construction materials, low-carbon-emitting technologies, thoughtfully planned outdoor areas, A-class energy efficiency and renewable energy, smart home technologies and maintenance, accessibility, transport and micromobility solutions — every aspect is designed with sustainability in mind.


LNK Properties’ achievements in sustainable construction and development are proved by numerous certificates and awards.

But we always keep moving forward: with every new project we introduce sustainable innovations to guarantee comfort for property owners and tenants today, as well as longevity for the building and the whole planet tomorrow.


We believe that a sustainable environment in the long term can only be maintained by a sustainable society — a society that protects the vulnerable, supports the hard-working and provides opportunities for everyone to grow.



Our social responsibility does not end with providing proper working conditions for our employees.

It is also important for us to present projects for developing new areas with the aim of improving social conditions in different neighborhoods — which is one of the cornerstones of the LNK Properties approach. New property owners and tenants are not the only ones to benefit from modern accommodation with thoughtfully planned outdoor amenities and upgraded infrastructure — showing a positive example to other developers attracts business to the neighborhood, creating new jobs and improving the overall social situation.


The annual budget for initiatives supported by the foundations reaches up to €150,000.

LNK Charity Foundation has been working non-stop since 2010, aiding children and adults with health problems, supporting underprivileged members of the community, helping retired seniors, caring for animals in need, and sponsoring projects in sports, culture and education.


To help animals in need, we have started the Kaķu Māja (“Home for Cats”) project — building shelters where animals can live in proper conditions and receive adequate medical care.

One shelter can provide comfortable living conditions for several dozen cats. The first shelters will soon open in the Kalnciema Biroji business quarter in Riga and on the premises of the Latvia University of Agriculture’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Jelgava. The project is financed by the LNK Charity Foundation; the shelter in the Kalnciema Biroji business quarter is a partnership between the LNK Charity Foundation and the Remi Center for Helping Cats.



Impeccable work and business ethics, transparency, striving together towards a common goal, a democratic decision-making process — these are the pillars of our corporate culture.

Honest and transparent relationships between the employees, clients and partners of LNK Properties are our top priority. Besides fair wages, social guarantees and growth opportunities, our employees enjoy the right to contribute to our democratic decision-making process. Our main strength is our ability to learn from each other — this is why valuable ideas will always be heard at our workplace. Our employees know about our company’s plans and take part in building a sustainable future.