Tūjas pie
Kopējā platība 40 015 m2
Stāvi 2
Noliktavas telpu skaits 33000
Stāvu skaits 8800

LNK Sporta Parks is the largest privately-owned sports complex in Latvia. Located on Lejupes street 5 in Riga, it meets the standards of professional sports events and competitions.

It features two natural grass football fields and one warm-up field with natural grass, four artificial-turf football grounds, two beach volleyball and tennis courts, as well as changing rooms and a parking area. The total area of the complex is 65 000 square metres after the first round of development. It is currently suitable for hosting national competitions. After the finishing of the second round, it will be able to accommodate international competitions as well. After the third round is completed, the complex will house additional football, basketball, beach tennis, futsal, handball and volleyball courts, as well as a children's playground, cafes, a large tribune, dormitories for athletes and a rehabilitation hall.