Dzīvojamie īpašumi

Redefined art of space. A journey of joie de vivre unfolds in this beautiful residential building Renaissance.

Tūjas pie

Peaceful idyll by the sea. The green village Tujas pie Juras is located amid the quiet northern forests and near the seashore.

Street 7

The building at Audēju Street 7 was constructed in 1899 according to the project by architects Alfrēds Ašenkampfs and Maks Šervinskis.


Art nouveau pearl with modern, business-class amenities. TWENTY upper-class apartment building is a pearl of Art Nouveau architecture, combining historical elegance and charm with modern comfort and quality of life.


Urban-green residential development. A fusion of the greenery heritage in Dārzciems with new and unique living space, Gardenika residential building is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture.