Total area 84 300 M2
Warehouse area 73 680 M2
Floors 1-3
Parking 810
Business center management



Granita Industrial Park is constructed using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. Solar panels and electric car charging stations are installed at the facility

Granita 15 is a modern industrial park designed for companies of all sizes and industries. This complex combines industrial units, warehouses, offices, and commercial spaces in one of the city's most influential industrial areas.

The present Granita Industrial Park space is 20,000 m2. The industrial park will be expanded in the next few years, and a modern industrial park with a leasable area of 100,000 m2 will be built.



Rumbula has long been regarded as a strategic location, having one of the three crossing points along the Daugava River. The name comes from rapids that flowed on the Daugava River between Rumbula and Dole Island before the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant was built.

In history, there have been many events that have shaped the district since the 13th century. Homesteads were built, fields were cultivated, and industrial buildings and the Rumbula airfield were developed. Today's Rumbula, an industrial neighbourhood in the southeast of the city, is slowly reviving with infrastructural investments in sidewalks, public transportation stops, a promenade, and a bicycle path connecting the centre of Riga to Darzini.




A strategically convenient location makes Granita Industrial Park ideal for industrial use. It has a well-developed road infrastructure and is easily accessible by the Via Baltica bypass and inter-city highways - Street Krustpils and Street Lubana. The location is convenient to reach from Riga's suburbs and nearby towns like Sigulda, Ogre, and Salaspils. By car, you can get to the city centre within 30 minutes. There is also a public transportation stop 150 metres from Granita Industrial Park. 




The Granita Industrial Park combines warehouses, offices, retail and production facilities. There are more than 20,000 m2 of space at Granita Industrial Park, and the buildings average two to three floors high. 

The remaining 80,000 m2 of the industrial park will be constructed in five to ten years. The premises will be built based on the built-to-suit principle, allowing tenants to tailor space to their specific needs. Several access roads and entrances will be developed during the second construction phase.

Buildings and 95% of the territory in the industrial park are currently fully leased out. Granita Industrial Park tenants are mostly construction and manufacturing companies specialised in the production of concrete reinforced structures, modular wooden houses, wooden pallets and other wooden products. The industrial park is home to tenants such as Kronus, CMB Housing Solutions, and Technorent.


Granita Industrial Park is a multifunctional and environmentally friendly industrial park that offers space that can be tailored to suit tenant needs. A total of 20,000 m2 of building space was constructed in the first phase, including 1,400 m2 of office space and warehouses and production facilities ranging from 500 m2 to 6,000 m2. 

In the immediate vicinity of Granita Industrial Park, there is a well-functioning road and rail network for fast and efficient land and rail transportation. 

Granita Industrial Park offers a developed industrial infrastructure and adjacent facilities and equipment tenants can use, including loaders, cranes, and other heavy machinery.

There is a spacious parking lot for tenants and guests at no cost and electric car charging stations powered by renewable energy. Additionally, there is a cafe, canteen, recreation area and a lake for employees' convenience. 



Our commitment to investing in local development projects serves as an example of the company's social responsibility to society. In this case, for instance, LNK Properties is constructing a modern and functional industrial park in Rumbula to promote neighbourhood development.

A strategic goal of the company is to reduce the company's impact on the environment and increase the use of renewable resources. As a green-minded industrial park, Granita Industrial Park continually invests in environmentally friendly projects like recyclable materials, solar panels, and electric car charging stations.



No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to lease a production, warehouse or office space, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at Baltijas Industrialais Parks is the new sustainability. 




LNK Properties is an experienced and reputable developer with over 30 years of experience pioneering industrial parks, offices, business centres, apartment buildings and private villages in Latvia.