Total area 7000
Floors 7
Parking 200
Flexible office space
Onsite security and CCTV
Open-space planning
Communal area
Smart climate control
Environmental responsibility

V118 is a top-tier office building located in the heart of downtown Riga. Its modernisation project and a rooftop terrace has made V118 one of the most coveted office spaces in the city. As more and more companies are looking for office space in Skanstes, V118 continues to grow in popularity. The strategic location is a distinct advantage that the office building offers. There are plenty of activities to enjoy in the area, including sports, shopping, and entertainment. This makes it an attractive location for both employees and businesses. Additionally, public transportation is easily accessible, making it easy to get around without a car.





Skanste is one of Riga's newest neighborhoods, despite being just minutes from the city centre. It was once where Riga's horses and valuable livestock grazed, and its main road linked the Old Town to the pastures. During the early 20th century, this area was home to planted gardens, but in the recent past, there was a hippodrome where the current Rimi Olympic Sports Center stands. Eventually, Skanste developed into one of Riga's most prestigious neighborhoods after the Arena Riga was built in 2006.




Prime location

Located between the city centre and the Art Nouveau District, Skanste is unquestionably the most current district in Riga. The area is amid a construction boom, attracting residents and businesses and making Riga more competitive in regional and European markets. Schools, restaurants, and retail places are all nearby, and many international companies and banks have already made Skanste their home. It is expected that the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Riga Conference and Concert Center, and the upcoming top-of-the-line living spaces will be built in Skanste in the coming years.




Building project

V118 is a growth-oriented office space like no other. The seven-storey building has been renovated, completely transforming its look and feel, and has also earned the status of A-class office space. A 7,049 m2 grade A office provides modern, high-spec facilities. A flexible layout at V118 makes it easy to divide and combine open and closed office areas. Whether you need a 150 m2 ideally suited for three or four employees or a 5,000 m2 office, at V118, you have a wide selection of spaces.





On the first floor of V118, there is a main lobby, cafe, and outdoor terrace. Easily accessible from the lobby are the offices on the second through seventh floors. A meadow-like roof terrace provides a great place to work and relax for employees and guests. It is clear from this building's green space, smart air and climate control systems that the developer is committed to employee satisfaction and productivity. As well, different transport options near the V118's office building make it easy for people to commute via car, public transportation, bicycle, e-scooters, and on foot. Besides its secure parking area for tenants, V118 offers guest parking and lockable storage for bikes and scooters.




Social responsibility 

We are committed to leadership in sustainability, responsible governance, and ethical practices. Investing and making a positive impact in the communities that LNK Properties serves is what drives LNK Properties in the long run. Social projects, technological ventures, renovations, and local development continue to be a part of our work. In the same way as LNK Properties, V118 puts sustainability at the forefront of its development. The office building has been certified according to LEED, the most widely used green building rating system. As part of the renovation, solar panels and energy-efficient façades have been installed to benefit tenants and the environment. A charging station for electric vehicles is also available at V118 as a way to encourage sustainable living.




Flexible approach 

No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to lease office space for a startup or a bigger team, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at V118 is the new sustainability. 





LNK Properties is an experienced and reputable developer with over 30 years of experience pioneering business centres, office and apartment buildings, and residential villages in Riga, Latvia.