LNK Sporta

LNK Sporta
Total area 65 000 M2
Location Lejupes 5
Multi-purpose park
Football fields
Irrigation system
Field lightening
Modern amenities

LNK Sporta Parks is a multi-functional sports and recreational park that draws people from miles around. It has different training and competition facilities, from football fields to beach volleyball courts. For amateurs and professionals, there are six football fields, two beach volleyball and beach tennis courts. 

It is a long-cherished project of LNK Properties and the only football base of this size in the Baltics, where several fields are available simultaneously. In addition, LNK Sporta Parks offer a wide selection of amenities to suit any athlete's needs, from small-group training to team practices.





Katlakalns' neighborhood dates back to the Neolithic era. It was named Katlakalna in 1635 after the church was built. The Katlakalna dune is two and a half square kilometers in size, located on the historic Baltic Ice Lake sandplain between the Daugava Valley and the Bisumuiza ditch. In today's Katlakalna, most buildings are industrial or residential, but the oldest building in the area is the Katlakalna mill. It was built before the Livonian War but was destroyed and rebuilt afterwards. 




Prime location

Located on the right bank of the Daugava, the neighborhood is only a few minutes walk from public transportation and 15 minutes drive from the city centre. Before the Southern Bridge was built, Katlakalns was a quiet and secluded area of Riga, but now it is a transit hub. Typical for the suburbs of Riga, Katlakalna is a residential area built mostly of private houses, with a large number of residents employed in Riga or the districts around Kekava.




Building project

LNK Sporta Parks is Latvia's most prominent private sports complex. A total of 31 buildings had to be taken down to build LNK Sporta Parks, and the ground had to be prepared to a precision of 4mm for the fields. The first stage of construction of the park covers a total area of 65,000 m2. Besides two natural grass fields with 16,448 m2, there are four artificial turf fields with 13,851 m2, and a natural grass warmup field with 1,350 m2. In addition to the football fields, there are two beach tennis and volleyball courts available. 





At LNK Sporta Parks, two 68x105 m natural grass fields have been constructed with two spectator stands, each with 1,150 seats, totalling 2,300. One large artificial field (68x105 m) at the park has 680 seats. Two smaller artificial fields (40x60 m) and an artificial mini-field (14x24 m) are also available for training of football players for regional and international competitions. LNK Sporta Parks is the only sports and recreational park in Latvia equipped with an irrigation system for both artificial and natural football fields. When an artificial area is well-watered, it lasts longer and makes outdoor games more enjoyable during the summer. To ensure the comfort of its visitors, the park offers restrooms, changing rooms with showers, and a playground area for children. The park is spacious for easy access by wheelchair, There is also ample parking available on the park's grounds. It is enclosed and has a secure bike shed and a charging point for electric cars. In the future, LNK Sporta Parks will develop lighting near the natural grass field, a cafe, an exercise equipment area, basketball courts, and a space for leisure activities.




Social responsibility 

LNK Properties firmly believes in corporate social responsibility. As we pursue social projects, technology ventures, renovations, and local development opportunities, we continue to invest in our people, resources, and communities. LNK Sporta Parks project is one of Latvia's most ambitious private sports infrastructure projects. In addition to creating a unique sports park in Latvia, this park also serves a social purpose. Children, young people, and adults now have a convenient place to play sports close to the city. Apart from the social aspect of the project, it also addressed environmental concerns. For example, to build the road and preserve the marble rose beetle population mentioned in the Red Data Book of Latvia, an 18 m high willow tree had to be moved.




Flexible approach

No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to practice sports or outdoor recreation, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at the LNK Sporta Parks is the new sustainability. 





LNK Properties is an experienced and reputable developer with over 30 years of experience pioneering business centres, office and apartment buildings, sports and recreational centres, and residential villages in Riga, Latvia.