Total area 49 907 M2
Offices spaces 34 795 М2
Floors 2
Parking 291
Industrial area
Leasing facilities
Flexible space
Onsite security and CCTV
Road infrastructure
Car parking

Baltijas Industrialais Parks is one of the most technologically advanced complexes in Riga and comprises offices, production and retail areas. Over the past 15 years, an A-class facility has grown substantially, taking up five hectares. Featuring modern, high-quality infrastructure, the complex houses Latvian and international companies, such as B&B Tools Latvia, BE Group, Selecta, Anitra, Besecke, and Manitou Nordics. The site of Baltijas Industrialais Parks is a continuously evolving complex that has brought a new lease of life to the local area as well as to the industrial scene of Darzciems. Currently, the office, warehouse and industrial complex covers a leasable area of around 60 000 m2.





Riga's Latgale suburb is home to the Latvian garden village of Darzciems. As part of the city's expansion in 1924, this neighbourhood developed into an area of small houses with gardens. The 1970s saw several high-rise apartment blocks built in place of old private homes. A large number of industrial companies built apartments for their employees. Darzciema Street connects the southern and northern parts of present-day Riga and makes up a significant route for transportation and industrial corporations, primarily in the automotive industry.  




Prime location

In addition to multifunctional premises, the industrial park boasts an excellent location, conveniently accessible from all sides of the city. Riga's Darzciems district, home to around 20,000 people, is an industrial area with a small-town feel. Located near the Southern bridge and the Eastern highway, where Piedrujas, Rezekne, and Darzciema streets meet, Baltijas Industrialais Parks is a part of the thriving business community of Darzciems.




Building project

Baltijas Industrialais Parks is an A-class stock office building with a leasable area of more than 60,000 m2 for businesses of all sizes. The complex is divided into several blocks, each providing modern and functional workspaces for office, industrial, and warehouse purposes. The efficient and functional facilities of Baltijas Industrialais Parks allow businesses to combine office and warehouse space and maximize their operations.





As a primarily industrial and warehouse facility, Baltijas Industrialais Parks also serves as the office and retail space. Depending on the needs of each business, it can be customized. Approximately 40,000 m2 belong to warehouses, 10,000 m2 to offices, and another 10,000 m2 to retail spaces. The buildings live up to tenants' needs and are energy-efficient, well-connected, and secure. The complex has a thoughtfully planned network of access roads. Two layers of composite material are applied to the roads at Baltijas Industrialais Parks to make them suitable for truck loading. With trucks operating at the complex, it remains resistant to indentation and road friction, extending its lifespan. 




Social responsibility 

LNK Properties' commitment to corporate social responsibility is part of our organizational culture. Through our ongoing investments in social projects, technology ventures, renovations, and local development, we strive to positively impact our communities and other stakeholders. Our top priority is to invest in people, resources, and technology. The neighbourhood's infrastructure has been restored and transformed, and a modern industrial and office complex has been constructed as part of our commitment to sustainability. Investing in sustainable technology has also helped Baltijas Industrialais Parks reduce its carbon footprint. Various energy-efficient and comfort-maximizing features are built into the complex while minimizing resource and energy consumption.




Flexible approach 

No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to lease office or industrial space, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at Baltijas Industrialais Parks is the new sustainability. 






LNK Properties is an experienced and reputable developer with over 30 years of experience pioneering business centres, office and apartment buildings, and residential villages in Riga, Latvia.