Total area 4578 M2
Conference rooms 1
Floors 7
Parking 100
Location Augusta Deglava iela 66
Current offer
Flexible office space
24/7 access
Communal facilities
Car parking
Onsite security and CCTV
Business centre management

Tucked away down the mainstream residential area, Deglava Biroji is ideal for businesses and retail companies that want to hit the ground and grow business from day one. Lease a fully serviced office and commercial premises surrounded by some of the city's most distinct districts. Deglava Biroji is a mere 10-minute drive from the city centre, and the location and onsite parking brings extra convenience for your team and clients. 


The business centre offers modern business facilities, such as security, 24/7 access control, and modern telecommunications. Whatever your budget and space requirements are, multi-functional facilities at Deglava Biroji will provide an office space you have been dreaming about.


The business centre is ideally located in between Purvciems and Dārzciems. In the early 17th century, the neighbourhood of Purvciems was known as Hausmaņa swamp. When the massive construction of high-rise buildings started in the 1970s, more and more people moved into the neighbourhood. Ultimately, with the growing demand for B-class space in Riga, Deglava Biroji underwent a makeover and the factory's administrative building was renovated into a modern office and commercial space. 

Prime Location

Deglava Biroji sits just off Street Augusta Deglava, one of the main roads in the city that provides excellent public transport links with the residential areas and the city centre. Despite the public transport on your doorsteps, the office space sits in a tranquil and distraction-free setting. There are no factories in this part of the city. For nature lovers, further down one can explore Purvciems neighbourhood and its greenery. 

Building project

Deglava Biroji premises are filled with a sleek and business-like character. It is a seven-story office and commercial space in total of 4,600m2, ranging from 20 m2 to 3,000 m2. Flexibility is the key to renting a serviced office with us. The office layouts can be customised to match your business needs. Both the ground and upper floors can be leased as a package or individually for businesses and the community at large.

Office facilities

The business centre offers multiple B-class office and commercial premises. The modern office space for businesses of all sizes includes a dedicated reception area, security and 24/7 access control, and high-speed internet. There is also a shared meeting room and kitchen available to all tenants at Deglava Biroji.  There is plentiful parking at the business centre with 100 car parking lots and secure bike racks, great for commuters and visitors alike. Deglava Biroji is situated both close to nature and local amenities such as transport links, shopping and entertainment destinations, making it a great choice for companies that want to ensure their employees are happy and have high levels of job satisfaction. 

Social responsibility 

We at Deglava Biroji take responsibility for our own actions and support various environmental and social projects. We invest in new technologies and local development initiatives to make a positive impact on the neighbourhoods where we live and work. The social aspect of sustainability is equally important for us, and we have transformed the neighbourhood and the 20th century building into modern business premises. The energy-efficient building at Deglava Biroji runs at high-efficiency levels with the least possible energy consumption and resources. Electric car charging stations will soon be available on site, and in the near future, it is also planned to work on a solar panel project to commit to one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies. 

Flexible approach 

No hidden costs or complex contracts. Whether you seek to grow your business or idea, we are always one step away from finding a solution. This flexible approach at Deglava Biroji is the new sustainability. 


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