Unveils a new shelter facility, Cat House.

With the support of LNK Properties and LNK Charity Foundation, a new animal shelter facility, Cat House, has been inaugurated on the premises of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FVM) at the Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU).  Cat House consists of modern and comfortable spaces specifically designed to house cats.

The opening ceremony of the new facility, attended by project implementers and supporters, representatives of Jelgava City Council, and representatives of the FVM’s Small Animal Shelter, marked the establishment of the new Cat House. It provides shelter and prepares cats for adoption, including those that are homeless. Additionally, a veterinary clinic dedicated to the shelter animals will be located on the premises.

The project received support from LNK Charity Foundation, and ownership of the facility was transferred to LLU. The architect of the new shelter is Uldis Liepa, and LNK Industries carried out the construction in collaboration with SIA KORP, a construction company. The new facility spans an area of 75 square metres and aims to provide optimal comfort and conditions for both animals and staff, as well as visitors interested in adopting cats.

During the grand opening of the Cat House, Aleksandra Strode, a board member of the LNK Charity Foundation and LNK Properties, expressed satisfaction with the realisation of the project, stating the following: "each of us can make a contribution to someone who desperately needs it. Sometimes, a relatively small investment of time or other resources can significantly change someone's life for the better. In the daily rush, we must not forget that animals also need help, especially those left homeless as a result of human action. We need to provide them with the opportunity to find new homes and ensure suitable living conditions for them until then. We are delighted that, in collaboration with LLU, this opportunity will be provided to cats without owners or care who end up at the FVM animal shelter, thereby facilitating the process of finding them new homes."

The new Cat House will not only serve as a comfortable, safe, and beautiful home for animals awaiting adoption but also as a pleasant place for people to choose and get acquainted with their future four-legged family members. The facility also includes a veterinary clinic dedicated to the shelter animals, creating an organised and pleasant environment for the shelter staff.

Unda Ģēģere, the head of the Small Animal Shelter at the FVM, emphasised the significance of the project in her opening speech, saying "Today is a very important day for us, the Small Animal Shelter at the FVM. In 2020, our request for support and to be helped to obtain a new and modern Cat House was heard. With the support of the LNK Charity Foundation has fulfilled our hopes and desires to create and equip a cat housing facility for adoption at our shelter. This will be a place where our employees, with the help of volunteers and visitors, will teach animals to trust humans again. Meanwhile, cats and their stories will teach people to become responsible and compassionate. In an organised, comfortable and pleasant environment, it is easier to acquire the knowledge that we strive to provide to our shelter visitors about animals, their needs, and legislation, starting from early childhood and school years. As an institution of higher education, LLU's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine values the importance of educating society. We are grateful for this excellent gift to our shelter, which confirms that our work is appreciated and necessary. It gives us the motivation to continue!"


The chairman of Jelgava City Council, Andris Rāviņš, states: "Of course, it is best if every pet has an owner who takes care of them. However, in reality, we still encounter stray cats, dogs and other animals. Therefore, it is commendable that in Jelgava, cats left without human care will now have more comfortable conditions at their temporary shelter. I would like to express my gratitude for the selfless work of the entire team at the FVM Small Animal Shelter, as well as to LNK Charity Foundation for realising this project. I hope that the construction of the Cat House will serve as an additional incentive for people to provide a true home for a furry companion."

The construction of the modern cat shelter utilised a modular construction system, which allows for the creation of necessary spaces within a relatively short period, while offering flexibility in adjusting both the volume and functionality of the rooms. The total cost of the Cat House project implementation amounts to EUR 168,000.