Sustainable Construction: LNK Properties' New Project “Tūjas pie jūras”

"LNK Properties" is developing a new real estate project called "Tūjas pie jūras" (Tūja by the Sea), a green village on the coast of Vidzeme by the Baltic Sea. The new project is located in a quiet area, nestled in the forest not far from the seashore, between Saulkrasti and Tūja. The village consists of 37 plots ranging in size from 1318 to 1713 square meters, and they all are offered for development. To add, in collaboration with the Latvian company MyCabin, the project offers to buy ready-made modular homes ranging from 16 to 100 square meters. The total investment by "LNK Properties" in the project amounts to 2.5 million EUR.

"This is an idyllic place to connect with nature and not only spend peaceful holidays and serene workdays but also immerse oneself in the charm of a small town and a leisurely pace of life. The village is located close to the capital city while offering the opportunity to enjoy what the Vidzeme coast has to offer. The residential properties are spaced apart, ensuring privacy. The project is designed with a focus on the future, considering sustainability, future generations, and responsible resource use," explains Aleksandra Strode, a member of the board of "LNK Properties" and head of the residential real estate department.

LNK Properties is developing this project in collaboration with the Latvian company MyCabin, which offers Scandinavian-style all-season modular homes that can be customized to create an individual residence. In the "Tūjas pie jūras" plots, the houses are interconnected, allowing the final buyers to inhabit and furnish them according to their individual needs.

"In collaboration with LNK Properties, we have created well-thought-out vacation home properties where families can relax in a natural, eco-friendly, modern design environment," says Ģirts Draugs, founder and CEO of MyCabin. "By finding the right partners and successfully capturing market trends, we can provide high-quality solutions that meet world standards and buyer preferences and needs."

The modular homes in the "Tūjas pie jūras" project are environmentally friendly and obtained and processed sustainably, with locally produced wood materials. Quality control in the manufacturing process, as well as the choice of insulation materials, will be a determining factor in efficiency. Streamlining production processes are also helping to reduce costs.

By choosing locally designed homes for the "Tūjas pie jūras" project, LNK Properties supports not only local entrepreneurs but also promotes sustainable construction. As A. Strode points out: "Our projects are carefully designed and built to reduce the volume of CO2 emissions and become more environmentally friendly by using eco-friendly or recycled materials. Sustainable homes that we build and live in create the smallest possible impact on the climate and do not contribute to its changes."

The housing and living space in the "Tūjas pie jūras" project is designed in an environmentally friendly manner without compromising on the comfort and quality standards. For more information about the project, visit