About the Project

Among Riga's architecture of the modern history, dominated by the richness of details and materials, Vesetas Street 6 is designed as an object of contemporary Renaissance — ascetic in expression, harmonious in Renaissance-inspired proportions and distinct in terms of the proposed concept of the living space.

About the Location

Vesetas Street 6 is a quality living space in the modern centre of Riga, where a fresh high-quality building zone is being developed nearby Riga’s historical and quiet centre.

This is an attractive environment to live in for a modern city dweller. Riga's modern center is on the Daugava’s right bank and it’s a part of Riga's compact center. In the vicinity, the central traffic street is Skanstes iela, but the borders of the neighborhood are marked by Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Vesetas and Duntes iela, as well as Ganību dambis and the railway.

RENAISSANCE project solution is based on:

  • street landscape and quarter space of high quality in an open perimetral building situation;
  • creation of a living space of high quality inside the complex;
  • visual and spatial merging of residential and quarter/street space within the borders of the building complex.

By combining these guidelines, the mission of the project is to create an object with its visual image and its exposed function open to the street landscape, actively participating in creation of it with its naturally changing processes inside the complex, while providing the building's occupants with a quality living space and unrestricted visual and outdoor connection with the urban space.

The complex is made of single-storey and separate two-storey apartments, with clear division expressed in the facade. In the interior and on the façade, the two-storey apartments with a double height create a unique image of the building, at the same time reflecting each apartment as a separate, individual living unit.

Each apartment is provided with an outdoor space separated, enclosed and covered from the rest of the building, giving a sense of privacy. The colonnade at the height of several floors, mentally detaching the outdoor space, serves as a reference to the classical architecture principles, creating impression of the building's monumental character inside and outside.

Project architect and indoor design - Sarma Norde

The project will be commissioned in spring 2022.

Instagram: @renaissanceriga

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