About the project

“Alojas Rezidence” is a B-class office building with a total built-up area (TBA) of 900 sq. meters. It includes a parking lot under security surveillance for 15 vehicles. 

The building was reconstructed in 2004 (additional reconstruction with the establishment of the latest management systems was made in 2011).


Alojas Rezidence is located in a rapidly developing business neighbourhood in Riga. The northern part of the city centre meets every need of the modern businessman. Thanks to the convenient transportation, it is possible to reach Alojas Rezidence from the city centre in just 5 minutes. The "Rietumu Banka" bank, "Nordea Bank", Olympic Sports Center, "Valdemāra pasaža" office center, Creative Youth Center as well as the offices of many European companies, and numerous modern cafés are all located near Alojas Rezidence.

Address: 6 Alojas St., Riga, Latvia, LV-1013