About the project

Alojas Biroji is an A-class office centre, with a total built-up area (TBA) of 15,000 sq. meters. It includes a three-level underground parking lot for 180 vehicles. The centre was commissioned in 2009. 

Alojas Biroji is one of the most modern office centres in Riga. The core of the centre's concept is comfortable functionality and environmental protection. It has been developed in compliance with all standards towards Class-A office buildings, catering to ambitious and modern clients with the highest requirements. 

Our most notable tenants: 

● Luminor Bank 

● URALCHEM Trading 

● Uralkali Trading 

● Ellex Kļaviņš 




The design of the office centre Alojas Biroji was developed by the famous design bureau Sarma un Nordе, which has authored a number of large-scale business centres in Latvia. 

During the construction of Alojas Biroji, unique process solutions have been used. Thanks to them, the project was awarded a green certificate of conformity of the building with all environmental and power saving standards. 

In compliance with the fluctuating weather conditions, the autonomous heating, cooling and air conditioning systems support an individual environment in the various premises of Alojas Biroji. 



Alojas Biroji is located in a rapidly developing business neighbourhood in Riga, the northern part of the centre – the city’s new business district with excellent infrastructure that meets every need of the modern businessman.

Address: 62, Kr. Valdemara St., Riga,  Latvia, LV-1013