The project OMNIBUSA NAMI is a premium residential complex, reconstruction of a residential building and a new small apartment building. The property is located in Majori, the very heart of Jūrmala, only 100m from the seaside and a short walk from popular attractions of Jūrmala, the central pedestrian street, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment options. The property will include 13 apartments. 

About the location

Jūrmala is only 15-minute drive away from the airport “Riga” and 20-minute drive away from the center of Riga. Jūrmala is a place to enjoy the harmony between nature and urban environment. The wooden chalet architecture and leisurely daily rhythm, characteristic to a resort town, as well as the presence of the pine forest successfully coexists with contemporary villas, apartments and saturated schedule of concerts and social events.


Address: 15 Omnibusa Street, Jūrmala, LV- 2015